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Party Tower

Party Tower

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Party Tower - 4 Tier, 6 Tier, 10 Tier. It's time to partaaaay! The best way to spoil your guests is a tower of assorted macarons. Pictured is a 4 tier tower with 40 Pumpkin Spice macarons.

Please write your event date in the "notes" section at checkout. We want to make sure you get your macarons in time! For larger orders, please order at least 2 weeks in advance.

4 Tier - 48 macarons

6 Tier - 96 macarons

10 Tier - 250 macarons

How many flavors can I have in each tower? 

Great question! As many as you like! However, we recommend 2-3 macarons per guest, and most guests like to try every single flavor. Keep this in mind when ordering your tower size and flavors. (Example - if you have 10 guests, we would recommend the 4 tier tower with no more than 4 flavors. Ask us about ombre towers and recommendations!

To see available flavors, please visit our "special orders" page.

How do we ship your tower? 

The tower will arrive to your home disassembled. Your macarons will be sent in padded, clamshell packaging.

How do I assemble the tower? 

To assemble your 4, 6, or 10 tier tower, simply stack the smaller pieces onto the larger pieces. They use click and lock technology to easily make a tower in seconds!

How do I fill the tower? 

Start filling your tower with macarons on the very bottom level. Be sure to start filling your tower in the location you are going to leave the tower. It is very difficult to move once assembled and filled.